Siemens AC Price in Bangladesh

Siemens AG, better known as Siemens, is a German brand that deals in many commodities including consumer electronics. The brand has a long and glorious history in the HVAC industry. The brand is very famous for their high-quality Air Conditioner models. THE models incorporate the best in German engineering and innovation, making them very reliable under any situation. The overall design of the Siemens ACs is very stout, compact, and aesthetic, which makes them very compatible with most interior designs. Most importantly, Siemens AC delivers superior value compared to other brands in the market.

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Siemens AC Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Siemens Air Conditioners Price in Bangladesh
Siemens S1ZDI 18201 79,900 Taka
Siemens S1ZDI 30201  119,400 Taka


The brand was first established in 1847, making it one of the oldest electronic brands in the world. Currently, the brand operates out of Germany and serves a global customer base. The brand specializes in Split type ACs with many 1.0 ton, 1.5 ton, and 2.0 tons models. The models also cover a wide price range starting from BDT 60000 to BDT 12000 for most models. The ACs come with a whole host of useful functions that sets them apart from the crowd. Depending on the unit capacity, Siemens ACs have a BTU range between 12000 and 24000. The newest in cooling technology ensures efficient and rapid room cooling.

Many of the models incorporate Golden fin technology for more productive performance. The ACs also come with moisture removal hardware to ensure the best air quality inside the room. The system is complemented by Vitamin C Biofilters that provides germ-free and hygienic airflow. Other notable features in the ACs include auto restart, sleep mode, timer, and anti-cold function. The ACs also incorporate aesthetic designs that are sure to complement any room interior.

On top of that Siemens also maintains a great post-sale service and warranty policy. A great model from the brand is the Siemens S1ZDI 18201 1.5 Ton Split AC that has a price tag of around BDT 79000.

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