Singer AC Price in Bangladesh

Singer is a popular electronics brand that has operated in Bangladesh for a long time. The brand deals in a multitude of home appliances, including high-quality Air Conditioners. The brand is well known for having some of the best products in the AC market. Singer has consistently maintained a sizable market share thanks to its outstanding product quality and service. Singer’s appeal is further boosted through their exemplary warranty and EMI policies. Today Singer is one of the top brands in the AC market.


Singer AC Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Singer Air Conditioners Price in Bangladesh
Singer SRAC-SAS12AURVM 47,990 Taka
Singer SRAC-SAS12L90LVLGT 42,190 Taka
Singer SRAC-SAS124L78WVMGA 41,190 Taka
Singer SRAC-SAS18AURVM 64,990 Taka
Singer SRAC-SAS18L90LVLGT 57,690 Taka


Singer has been active in Bangladesh since 1905 with stores in Dhaka and Chittagong. Currently, the brand has one of the best distribution networks in the country with operations in even the remotest towns. Singer has a good collection of indoor split ACs in the 1.5 Ton and 2.0 Ton categories. The brand is well known for its products being reliable and affordable above all else. Singer uses some of the best compressors and coiling in the market that ensures a long and hassle-free product life. In terms of pricing the brand covers a good base.

The overall price range for Singer products is between BDT 58000 and BDT 86000. Singer offers ACs with a capacity of 1.5 Ton around the BDT 62000 mark. Whereas a customer can expect to spend around BDT 80000 for a 2.0 Ton Singer AC. The BTU of the brand’s machines ranges from 18000 to 24000 depending on the unit capacity. All Singer ACs have a cooling range between 170 and 300 for year-round temperature control.

The ACs all have a very streamlined and elegant design that can complement interior décor of any room. Singer uses smart inverter technology in its products that consume up to 60% less electricity compared to other models in the market. This translates to a saving of about 220kW/h for some AC models. Singer ACs come with Carbon Electrostatic Air purification filters that ensure the best air quality as well as low noise indoor operations. Some other features that are universally present in all Singer ACs, including hidden LED display, auto restart, sleep mode, dry mode, and turbo mode. The brand maintains a policy of free installation across the country and product refund before installation. All of Singer’s ACs come with a 3-year warranty which includes a 3-year compressor, 1-year service & parts warranty.

Some popular models from the brand include the Singer 2.0 Ton SAS24AURVM - 24000 Btu Inverter Air Conditioner at BDT 86000 and the Singer 1.5 Ton SAS18L78WVMGA Split Air Conditioner at BDT 59000.

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