Singer Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh

Singer is a very popular consumer electronics and home appliances brand that has operated in Bangladesh for a long time. The brand deals in a multitude of products, including high-quality refrigerators for every-day use. The brand is well known for having some of the best price competitive refrigerators in the market. Singer has consistently maintained a sizable market share thanks to its outstanding product quality and service. Singer’s appeal is further boosted through their exemplary warranty and EMI policies. Today Singer is one of the top brands in the refrigerator market of the country.

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Singer Fridge Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Singer Fridges Price in Bangladesh
Singer GN163 154000 Taka
Singer BCD288 48000 Taka 
Singer SFT360 52000 Taka
Singer BD-215 27000 Taka
Singer BD-142 23000 Taka


Singer has been active in Bangladesh since 1905, with stores in Dhaka and Chittagong. Currently, the brand has one of the best distribution networks in the country with operations in even the remotest towns. Its collection of refrigerators consists of a good number of top-mounted, bottom-mounted, single door, side by side, and 50-50 type models. Most of the models come with capacities between 200 liters and 550 liters, with the price ranges between BDT 20000 up to around BDT 100000. All Singer products use the eco-friendly R-600a refrigerant that is CFC and HFC free. The refrigerators come equipped with anti-mold, anti-bacterial door gaskets. The optimized compressors provide highly efficient cooling and save up to 50% in electricity use. All the new two-door models from the brand come with large salad crisper, as well as long lasting adjustable glass shelves. A glass door finish adds on an extra level of beauty to the whole package. 

The higher-end refrigerators come with added features such as multiple air flow cooling, fast freezing option, A+ energy consumption, chiller compartment, and ambient temperature control. Some of the more popular models from the brand include the Singer BCD-198R Top Mount Refrigerator at BDT 30000 and the Singer FF2-66 Side-by-Side Refrigerator at around BDT 100000.



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