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Singer is a homecare appliance, electronics, and industrial garments solutions-based firm centered in Bangladesh. Singer was first established in the year 1905, in the Bengal part of the Indian subcontinent. After the independence of Bangladesh, the East Pakistan branches of Singer were transferred as the Bangladeshi branch. Thus this became the first electronics brand in sovereign Bangladesh. Singer started off like a garment machinery manufacturers as the first sewing machine in the region. After the success of Singer products in the Bangladeshi market, Singer has been expanding their production into the homecare, kitchen brands. In time they started their hands at producing large scale products, and now they are one of the recognized appliance brands in the country. In their homecare range, they have a very wide range of irons as well.

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Singer 129G 800 Taka


Singer has always been making a considerable contribution to fabric-related products. They made the first sewing machine and have made impactful contributions in the garments machinery industry. So it is very evident that their range of irons are very well equipped devices for fabric care. Their iron range of products put considerable attention to making fabrics tiptop. They have both dry and steam based irons. Their dry irons have 1000w power, and stainless steel finishing for non-stick performance and their steam range has 1650-2000w power for more steam. They also have a vertical steam shot for better ironing. Both the range has VDE plugs for better power passing and handling.

Singer has been the best solution for fabric-related needs, and they bring the same level of resilience in their iron range. Their irons have all the bells and whistles for the modern user's delights. Singer has put industry level standards in their iron specifications, and they have been active in fabric care for a long while. They will continue to do so with their range of Irons.

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