Sony Fitness Tracker & Band Price in Bangladesh

Sony Corporation, or widely known as Sony, is a publicly held multinational conglomerate based in Japan. Sony is one of the biggest companies that manufacture electronics. Sony was founded in 1946 by Masaru Ibuka and Akio Morita.

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Sony Fitness Tracker & Band Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Sony Fitness Trackers & Bands Price in Bangladesh
Sony Smartwatch 3 19000 Taka
Sony WR10 9000 Taka
Sony SWR30 10000 Taka
Sony SmartBand 2 1000 Taka


Sony is widely known for marvelous electronics, gadgets, music business and also their film productions. In terms of wearable technologies, Sony has a few lineups of fitness trackers and smartwatches.

Sony has some fitness band series known as SmartBand, SmartBand Talk and SmartWatch. The SmartBand is the very basic one. The

Sony has designed the SmartBand 2 to look elegant, minimalistic and doesn’t have a display. The SmartBand 2 has all the basic functionality of a fitness tracker like monitoring its user’s movement and sleep. It also has a heart rate monitor along with a pulse and stress monitor. The SmartBand 2 has a notification LED so that it can notify its user about incoming call or messages.

The SmartBand Talk also has a band like design, but it has a display. The

SmartBand Talk has an E-Ink display which it uses to show things like the time and the activity it is tracking. The SmartBand Talk has basic activity tracking functionality like monitoring movement and sleep. Besides that, it can be used to make phone calls and see messages.

The SmartWatch series have a watch like design just like the name suggests. The SmartWatch 3 runs on Android Wear. It has fitness tracking capabilities along with music storage facility so that it can work as a standalone music player. 

The SmartWatch 3 comes with a built-in GPS, compass, accelerometer, and Gyro. It also has an IP 68 rating for water and dust resistance.

Sony offers a handful of reliable options when it comes to fitness trackers. Some of the models are a bit expensive, but the quality of the products worth it.

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