Spigen Earphone Price in Bangladesh

To most people, music is a very favorite thing. Some people can not spend a single day without music. Even when we are traveling in the cities for our daily works, we spend a huge amount of time in the vehicles. To pass that time many of use choose music. Sometimes music heals our monotony from work also. For listening to music, a good quality earphone is required. We need to choose a good quality earphone to get a good experience. If you want to buy an earphone with satisfying performance, then you need to choose a good brand. You can check out the brand Spigen. This brand is very popular in our country, especially for mobile cases.

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Spigen Earphone Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Spigen Earphones Price in Bangladesh
Spigen R32E 3,990 Taka


This brand has earphones also but, in our country, only one model is currently available, and that is Spigen R32E, which is wireless Bluetooth earphone. Smart Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 version is installed in this earphone, which provides nice connectivity with the device. This earphone has a noise cancelation system in the microphone. Again, by using it, you can ignore the outside noise as it has super quality ear tips. Ear tips of this earphone are very soft, and you will get multiple size ear tips with it.

The earphone is very lightweight and stylish. You can use it for a long time without any problem. This earphone has a driver to control the call and music. You can also control the volume by this earphone. Price of this earphone from Spigen is 3990 BDT approximately. Though the price of this earphone is high, it will provide you satisfying performance. This one is made of high-quality material. For this reason, this earphone is long-lasting also. If this earphone matches your requirements and you have a good budget, you can buy it undoubtedly.

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