Suzuki Bike Price in Bangladesh

Suzuki is a famous brand from Japan. In Bangladesh, this brand is one of the ruling brands in the bike market. Mainly the bikes are assembled in India which are available in Bangladesh. This brand has many bikes as well as superbikes. Suzuki Hayabusa is one of the most famous bikes in the world. But for the cc limit, we get the bikes of 150cc or below 150cc.

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Suzuki Bike Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Suzuki Bikes Price in Bangladesh
Suzuki GSX R 150
3,99,000 Taka
Suzuki GSX S 150
3,25,000 Taka
Suzuki Intruder 150
3,25,000 Taka
Suzuki Gixxer DD
2,29,990 Taka
Suzuki Let’s
1,50,000 Taka

In Bangladesh one of the most popular bikes is Suzuki Gixxer. It is a sports commuter bike. The bike has a single-cylinder, four strokes air-cooled engine. The displacement of the engine is 155cc. the engine can generate 14.6 BHP power @ 8000 rpm and 14 nm torque @ 6000 rpm. The top speed of the bike is 120 km per hour. The average mileage of the bike quite standard. It runs about 40 km for burning 1-liter fuel. But on the highway, you will get more mileage. The bike has both kick-starting system and electric starting system. This bike has a fully digital meter. It has five gears, and it is a chain driver bike.

The balance and braking of the bike are so smooth. The bike has some variants. It has a single tone with a single disc that costs 2,06,000 BDT. Another one is dual-tone with a single disc that costs 2,14,000 BDT. If you want to buy a dual disc variant with a dual-tone, you will have to pay 2,29,000 BDT. The bike has a carburetor in it. In India, Fi version is released, but it is not available in Bangladesh right now. Very soon it will be available in the Bangladeshi bike market. The weight of the bike is 137 kg. It can carry 12-liter fuel. The bike has alloy rims and tubeless tires in it. The silencer pipe of the bike has dual holes which give a nice sound. Ground clearance of the bike is low. But if you ride it properly, this issue won't bother you. Gixxer has another different variant. It is Suzuki Gixxer SF. This one is a faired bike, and it is a sportbike. This bike has the same engine as Gixxer. But it has a different look. With single disc it costs 2,39,000 BDT and with double disc it costs 2,49,000 BDT. There is special edition named Gixxer SF Moto GP edition. Price of this one is 2,59,000 BDT.

Suzuki Intruder 150 ABS is a newcomer in the bike market. This one is a cruiser bike with 155cc engine, and this bike has a very different look than other cruisers. There is an extraordinary thing in this bike. It has ABS in it. It is a new invention, which makes the braking segment stronger and smoother. Weight of this bike is 148 kg. The top speed of this bike is 110 km per hour. It has fuel injector in it. You can start it only electrically. The price of this beautiful bike is 3,25,000 BDT.

In the premium segment, Suzuki has GSX R 150, which is sportbike. It is said that it is the fastest bike right now in Bangladesh. It has a powerful liquid-cooled engine. The price of this beast is 4,00,000 BDT. And a naked version of this bike is GSX S 150. Which has the same engine and it costs 3,23,000 BDT. Both the bikes have six gears and dual disc brakes. Suzuki Bandit is another naked sportbike from this brand, but it is rear in Bangladesh.

Another 150cc bike from Suzuki is Suzuki GS150R. This one is a great bike, but the engine of this bike is not as powerful as Gixxer. It costs less also. Price of this bike is 1,69,000 BDT. In this price, the bike is a great one. It provides comfort and smoothness to the rider. Suzuki SlingShot Plus is 125cc bike from this brand which costs 1,50,000 BDT. If you have a tight budget, then you can go for Suzuki Hayate which costs 1,15,000 BDT. Both Hayate and Slingshot Plus are fuel efficient bike. The mileage of these bikes is more than 70 km per liter. Hayate is a 110cc bike. But it doesn't have a disc brake which is available in Slingshot Plus.

For scooter lovers and ladies, this brand has Suzuki Access 125. This scooter has 125cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine. Top speed of the scooter is 90 km per hour, and mileage is about 65 km per liter. Both brakes are drum brake. The scooter can carry 5.6-liter fuel. Price of this one is 1,75,000 BDT. But if you want to buy a scooter from this brand at a low price. Then, you should go for Suzuki Lets which costs 1,55,000 BDT. This scooter has a 110cc engine. It has a different look also. But in performance, it is satisfying. It has automatic gears transmission system in it. Both the scooters from this brand are belt drive scooters.

Suzuki bikes and scooters are very popular for their performance and durability. As it has become very popular here, parts are also available now. So, getting a Suzuki bike in your budget won't be a bad idea.

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