Symphony Room Heater Price in Bangladesh

Symphony has a great line of home appliances and electronic solutions for home-based products. In today’s world, we are all looking for comfort in our day to day lives. Symphony brings the comfort factor into their products. Their products are made to make your lives much better and raise the standard of living while giving you the most comfort. Heat management is one aspect that makes our life more comfortable. Symphony makes products that work with heat and cold. That means Symphony primarily focuses on air conditioning, cooling, and air heating solutions. There is a collection of symphony room heaters that give you comfort for your heating needs.

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Symphony Room Heater Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Symphony Room Heaters Price in Bangladesh
Symphony BH-16 1,800 Taka


Winter days can be harsh. It drains all the heat needed for the body. So you need optimum heat for your body. But you also need to mind that you need to be comfortable under the heat. So optimum heat and comfort need to be balanced by the room heater. The room heaters made by Symphony keeps all of that in mind. It has excellent air options for cool warm and hot wind. The heaters are sized very conveniently so that you can move it from place to place. There is also protection from overheat, so you don’t sweat in December.

Symphony heaters are also very much power consumption sensitive. There is 1000/2000w power setting on board with power indicators. The controls are easy to operate; Symphony room heaters are built with proper care and environment-friendly tactics to get the best performance for your home heating solutions. Symphony heater line is adding more and more products such as these, and more innovation is being put into future products. Symphony room heaters marry the concepts of comfort, power control, and convenience into one design with their room heaters.

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