Targus Mouse Price in Bangladesh

Targus was founded in the year 1983 in London by Neil Bruce-Coop. Targus has been passionate about connecting people with technology for more than 35 years. They manufacture and provide tools so that people can integrate modern technology into their lives. They make a wide range of products starting from laptop bags to computer peripherals, docking stations, and other accessories.

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Targus Mouse Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Targus Mouses Price in Bangladesh
Targus wireless 1000 Taka
Targus W063  1100 Taka


Targus manufactures PC peripherals and mouse, which are included in the list of peripherals that they manufacture. Targus mostly makes mouse that is more geared towards productivity. They make best-suited mouses for general productivity like office work and casual for home use. Most of what Targus offers are wireless mice. They manufacture wired mouse as well, but they are quite a few in number. Targus manufacture the mouses, which feature a simple and minimalistic look. They don’t have RGB lights flashing or any aggressive design language that makes them a great choice for office environments. The wireless mouse that Targus makes falls under their W lineup, and their wired mouse falls under their U lineup.
The W lineup of mouse mostly connects wirelessly via 2.4GHz technology, but some models also use Bluetooth to connect. Most of the mouse feature optical sensors that usually go up to 1,600 DPI. But some models also use BlueTrace technology that combines optical technology with the precision of laser technology that helps the mice to track better on almost any surface. Targus also manufacture a few of the models in a variety of colors so that consumers have a little more flexibility in choosing the appearance of their mouse.
The U lineup doesn’t have many models to offer as most of what Targus offers in wireless. The U lineup of the mouse feature a wired connection with an optical sensor that can go up to 1,600 DPI.
Targus offers a range of mouse that is great for general productivity and office use at a reasonable price.

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