Thermaltake Headphone Price in Bangladesh

Nowadays, “Going with the flow” is undoubtedly the key to success in business for the companies. Millennials’ choice is not to easy to determine as they are profoundly affected by the growth of technology. So, if a company wants to make a profit has to catch the culture, utilize technology to build the most updated product and then deliver. Glad to inform that, Thermaltake is one of the most successful brands doing consistently for the last 20 years. Started with personal computer peripherals now it is recognized as a very dependable choice by the customers because of successfully implementing their plans.


Thermaltake Headphone Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Thermaltake Headphones Price in Bangladesh
Thermaltake SHOCK PRO RGB Analog 4,500 Taka
Thermaltake SHOCK 3D 7.1 5,500 Taka
Thermaltake SHOCK One USB 5,600 Taka
Thermaltake VERTO 6,000 Taka
Thermaltake SHOCK Black 3,500 Taka


Established in 1999, by CEO Kenny Lin; now have five international branches around the world apart from their headquarter in Taiwan. From an overview, it is easy to justify that they are focusing on meeting the expectations of the users and establishing their brand image. And this has been possible as they can click on the right button and that is the young generation. By delivering the most updated gaming headphones, they have managed to find the right path to reach them.   

Thermaltake has some premium collection in their cart, “CRONOS RGB 7.1” is one of the most remarkable names. With extraordinary lighting effects, it provides three kinds of radiance spread near the earing space take to an imaginary world. Enables to rotate the included mic around according to the need and it’s allowing enjoying the most updated 3D sound experience. This complete package is available within 5,000 BDT. “SHOCK PRO RGB” is another name in their gaming headset collection. Exceedingly light in weight ensures the comforts of carrying. The creative shape of the headband and extremely smooth foam ear cups gave it a fascinating look and priced 3,200 BDT. “Level 10 M Iron White” is another name for lucrative design. Headphone collection of Thermaltake generally available between 3,000 BDT to 10,000 BDT. But there is no authorized price radius for reselling set by this company. Its products are highly recommended because of its compact collection within a very affordable price range.

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