Toshin AC Price in Bangladesh

Toshin is a consumer electronics brand that products fringes, washing machines, and ACs. For years the brand has been manufacturing and marketing top of the line Air Conditioners. It has a large collection of AC models span across all major categories based on unit capacity. Their great build quality and durability characterize the ACs. Toshin ACs are guaranteed to last for years without issues. The brand also maintains an exemplary customer service program. Currently, Toshin had become a significant player in the AC industry.



Toshin AC Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Toshin Air Conditioners Price in Bangladesh

When it comes to air conditioners, Toshin specializes in wall mounted split ACs. The brand has extensive selections in the 1.0 Ton, 1.5 Tons, and 2.0 Tons capacity categories. The brand also maintains a great and flexible pricing strategy. Most of the brand’s ACs are available in the market between BDT 35000 to BDT 80000. Depending on the unit capacity, the BTU of Toshin ACs ranges from 12000 to 24000.

The ACs on average have a cooling range from 180 to 280, making them suitable for almost all types of weather condition. The ACs are equipped with air purifying filters to provide the rooms with clean and fresh air constantly. Many of the models also incorporate deodorizing Filter that supply odor-free hygienic air for the users. The ACs operate with extremely low noise for maximizing user comfort. All the ACs come with wireless LED remote control for easy and convenient control. The louver of the machines has an automatic up-down motion to facilitate the distribution of cool-air across the room.

The ACs also have 3-stage fan control for the best cooling experience. Some of the other notable features include a 24-hour timer, sleep mode with eco-logic, and washable front panel. Some great models from the brand are the Toshin CACRG1806M Split AC at BDT 56000, and the Toshin RAS-24SKP-E Split AC at BDT 75000.


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