Transtec AC Price in Bangladesh

Transtec is a prominent name in the home electronics business that has a sizable stake in the air condition business. For many years the brand has been pumping top quality air conditioners in the market. It has a large collection of excellent ACs that span all major categories in terms of unit capacity.

The ACs have great build quality as well as reliable hardware. Overall they are very affordable and carry a great value for the price. Transtec ACs also sport captivating designs that go well with all sorts of interior décor. The brand now commands a position of respect and trust in the AC market.


Transtec AC Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Transtec Air Conditioners Price in Bangladesh
Bosch B1ZDI18921 89,900 Taka
Bosch B1ZDI24921 114,900 Taka

Transtec specializes in split wall mounted ACs for personal and commercial use. The brand has good selections in the 1.0 Ton, 1.5 Tons, and 2.0 Tons categories. The brand follows a competitive pricing strategy making their product even more lucrative. Most Transtec ACs in the market are priced between BDT 40000 and BDT 85000.

The BTU of the ACs ranges from 12000 to 24000 based on the model capacity. On average the cooling range of the ACs is between 180 to 280 making them able to cope with all weather conditions. The ACs are equipped with strong compression that is guaranteed to last for years. The outdoor units of the ACs have hot-dipped galvanized plating making them extremely resistant to corrosion. The ACs come with 100% copper condensers as well as copper insulated pipes to provide consistent and constant comfort.

The ACs come with Gold Fin and Blue Fin condensers to increase performance. The ACs have multi-function filters that provide clean and fresh air for the room. Some other features of the ACs include axial flow bionic fans, auto restart function, and easy maintenance. Some popular models from the brand include the Transtec 1 Ton TSA12GP Platinum Split AC at BDT 43000 and the Transtec 2 Tons TRS-24IHCG Inverter Split AC at BDT 83000.


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