Transtec Iron Price in Bangladesh

Transtec electronics is an electronics and home appliance manufacturer brand with its operations mainly in Bangladesh. Transtec is also venturing outside the Bangladeshi borders, with many investments overseas. Transtec is the sub-brand of the Transcom Group, which was established in the year 1985 and has been engaged in many large business ventures in independent Bangladesh. Transcom now engages in beverages, electronics, media outlets, consumer goods, etc. Transtec is their electronics-based branch of products. Transtec has been manufacturing consumer electronics in Bangladesh for quite a while now. Their product range includes imported brands of TVs, air conditioners, and also Transtec’s own brand of appliances in Kitchen, fabric, and home care. Transtec, with the help of Transcom’s resources, has brought on these varied options. The home care range of products is made in Bangladeshi factories with great ingenuity and hi-tech assets. A major part of the homecare electronics range is the small appliances. The Transtec iron is a great example of the small appliance range.

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Transtec Iron Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Transtec Irons Price in Bangladesh
Transtec DRY 750 Taka
Transtec TDH-8817 800 Taka
Transtec TDH-8820 750 Taka


Transtec has a very wide range of irons under their belt with all the base level necessities of an ironing device covered. Transtec has both Dry and steam irons. The dry iron range has great specifications for daily household uses. The dry iron range of products has a great power range with 1400w. They also have ceramic plates underneath for smooth and non-sticky ironing. There is a smart light indicator for timely signals. The dry irons are quite lightweight for great handling and movement. The steam range of irons has easy and safe water refill options. Vertical steaming helps with tough fabrics. There is safety off that enables switching off when unattended. There is optimum temperature control for fabrics across various types.

Transtec is one of the strongest brands in Bangladesh, and that shows in the Iron range as an example. The blending of necessary features with great hardware makes Transtec irons stand out.

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