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In the most basic of terms, a television is an electronic mass communication device that is used for entertainment, news and advertisement. At the beginning of its conception, the television was considered a luxury and only adorned the homes of the rich. But as time passed and television technology evolved it became a fundamental piece of hardware and decoration for every household. Today people consider television as one of the most important objects that people consider when decorating their homes.

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TV Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Televisions Price in Bangladesh
Panasonic 40" 30000 Taka


When Television was first invented?


The first true commercial electronic television was made in the year 1927. The model was black and white made by a man named Philo Taylor Farnsworth. Later on, John Logie Baird invented the first colored television in the 1960’s. Although very expensive and power consuming in the early stages, Televisions soon became a very familiar household device from the 1980’s. Eventually, new technologies such as LCD, LED, OLED and Smart TV came to the market elevating the humble television to new heights.  


Comparison between Flat screen and CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) TV


The early color televisions were of a similar type called CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitors which are very big, heavy and power consuming. These machines dominated the market for over three decades and comprised the majority of televisions at that time. The most significant advantage of these units was the cost. CRT units cost a lot less than its flat screen counterparts.


On the other hand, we have the flat-screen televisions. These have existed in the market since the mid 80’s incorporating the earlier forms of LCD technology. But the models first gained traction during 1990 when new production methods drastically reduced their cost. The modern LCD, LED and OLED televisions are slim, light, elegant and fashionable. Most of all their picture quality is vastly superior to that of the conventional CRT monitors while consuming considerably less power.


When Television came & and started getting popular in Bangladesh


Televisions came into Bangladesh during the mid-60’s. The models were Black and white and only the wealthy could afford them. The first colored televisions went to the country between 1982 and 1985 and were also very expensive to own. Eventually, the TV became popularized in Bangladesh after 1990 because of a combination of lowering prices and new channels. At present, it is near impossible to find a household in Bangladesh without a television.


Types of Televisions


CRT: CRT’s are the old versions of televisions. They are usually Heavy, large and consume a lot of power. Traditionally this type of Television offers a lower picture quality but some slimmer models with HD picture quality also exist in the market.


Plasma TV: These are televisions with a plasma screen. They tend to be very thin and mostly designed as wall-mounted models. The most defining quality of these televisions is their picture quality. They provide far better picture quality compared to the more available LCD and LED TVs but in turn are also expensive.


LCD and LED: Contrary to popular belief nowadays LCD and LED mean the same thing, LDE only refers to a specific type of LCD TV that is widely used today. These televisions use an efficient system of light emitting diodes as a backlight to illuminate the tv screen. They tend to consume little power and provide excellent and defined picture quality.


Smart TV: The term “Smart TV” is used to describe the new generation of televisions closely integrated with information technology. The most well-known character of such televisions is its connectivity to the internet including WIFI and USB capabilities. With the rise of streaming services like NETFLIX, the popularity of smart televisions has skyrocketed.   


OLED: The acronym stands for the Organic light emitting diode. These models use organic compounds the size of a pixel that is responsive to electricity. It is the latest in television technology that provides more per pixel accuracy and a deeper contrast ratio. OLED is found in the high-end televisions made by the top brands.


Popular Television brands in bd


When talking about televisions in Bangladesh some brands always come up. Brands like Sony, LG, Panasonic, Singer and Toshiba are the top dogs when it comes to televisions Bangladesh with sizable market shares. A myriad of other brands also has a good presence and availability in Bangladesh namely Samsung, Sharp, Conion, Jamuna, Marcel, MyOne, Philips, Transtec, Western and Walton.    


Price range


The price of televisions in Bangladesh covers a wide spectrum. The prices for come models are as low as BDT 7000 that can rise as high as BDT 700000 depending on the size, brand and type of television. There are a few televisions that cost a whopping BDT 1000000 for their various attributes.


Things to consider when buying a Television


Buying the perfect TV is never easy. A lot of times the person is constrained by many factors such as budget, living space, availability of the product and personal specifications when its time to buy that new Television. That’s why it always helps to keep a few things in mind when purchasing that TV of your dreams. 


The first order of business is the size of the TV. Today we can find TV of all imaginable size including the gigantic ones. From the point of view of a general consumer, it is best to go for medium-sized televisions roughly between 40 to 55 inches. Although for people with grand budgets bigger is always better when it comes to televisions. After the size one must also think about the brand. 


Televisions have increasingly become a status symbol for the owners. That’s why it is a good idea to buy from well-known brands. Apart from the big name, Televisions with good brands also translates to quality products. But a person can find unexpectedly good products within the offerings of the lesser known brands especially if the budget is limiting. 


Next comes the issue of picture quality. Most customers will be satisfied with the readily available LCD and LED televisions in the market.

Regarding picture quality these televisions can satisfy everyone but the people with most discerning tastes. For higher quality picture customers can pick from a relatively large selection of UHD and 4K televisions made by famous brands. 


The new OLED televisions are a great choice in this department if the pockets of the buyer are deep enough. The final big factor to keep in mind when buying the television of your dreams is if you want it to be a Smart TV or not. For the most part it depends on the personal preference of the buyer. But it is generally a better idea to go for Smart Televisions. 


These televisions provide many functions and abilities which are well worth spending a little extra on. Access to an ever-growing list of content exclusively available online is further justification to get a Smart TV. USB and inbuilt storage are nice bonuses to have when going for a Smart TV. Loosely considering these points will help a person get a good television within his/her budget.

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