UiiSii Earphone Price in Bangladesh

If you are looking for a right earphone, then you can check out the brand Uiisii. This brand has many earphones available in the various price range.

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UiiSii Earphone Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest UiiSii Earphones Price in Bangladesh
UiiSii C100 200 Taka
UiiSii HM7 350 Taka
UiiSii C200 380 Taka
UiiSii HM5 580 Taka
UiiSii US90 900 Taka


If you want something in a low price range, then you can go for UiiSii C100 which provides nice sound with perfect bass. Price of this stereo earphone is 200 BDT approximately. In 350 BDT you can buy UiiSii HM7 with awesome outlook. In almost the same price range, you can buy UiiSii C200 for spending 380 BDT.

If you want something in a medium price range, then this brand has many options for you. UiiSii HM5 costs 580 BDT, which comes with ear hook and multiple color options. If you love the metallic look, then you can buy UiiSii HM6 in 600 BDT. With an awesome color combination of black and red UiiSii U1 and UiiSii U3 are available in 700 BDT each. Difference between them is their earbuds, one is with round earbuds, and another is with ear tips. UiiSii US90 is nice earphone from this brand which costs 900 BDT. In 1000 BDT, a stylish looking earphone is Uiisii GT500 Metal.

There are many premium earphones from this brand also. UiiSii GT550 is one of them which can provide very loud sound, and it costs 1250 BDT. In 1400 BDT UiiSii Hi810 is also available with awesome bass. If you want an earphone with an ear hook system, then you can go for UiiSii CM5 which is sport wired earphone, and it costs 2000 BDT. More earphones in the premium segment are UiiSii T8, UiiSii T8S, Uiisii Hi – 905.

All of them have noise cancelation system, and you can enjoy the music to the fullest by them. The price range varies from 2200 BDT to 3000 BDT for these earphones. For wireless earbud lovers, this brand has UiiSii TWS60 Bluetooth 5.0 Waterproof True Wireless Earbuds which costs 2500 BDT approximately.

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