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Unitech is a home appliances brand that has been in the AC business for a long time. The brand offers top quality ACs in all categories for both personal and commercial use. The ACs from Unitech are characterized by their great build quality, innovation, and reliability. For 2 decades, the brand has been diligently serving its customer base some of the best products in the market. The products are also very attractive in terms of external design. The brand currently is well established as an industry leader in the local AC market.

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Unitech AC Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Unitech Air Conditioners Price in Bangladesh


Unitech (BD) was established in 1999 and manufactured all its products from its production center at Savar, Dhaka. The brand offers a broad selection in split, ceiling, duct, and cassette type air conditioners. The price range of the models ranges from BDT 48000 to BDT 216000 depending on the AC type and capacity. The BTU of Unitech AC ranges from 12000 to 62000, making them appropriate for any kind of use.

The products all have the accurate capacity and heavy-duty compressors. The models are all eco-friendly, and the soft-start function makes them energy efficient. The models come with adjustable airflow for uniform and customizable cooling, and the auto swing feature helps to distribute the cool air evenly across the room. The onboard filters ensure a constant supply of clean air into the room.

The filters are washable, making the maintenance very easy. Unitech also has an abundance of spare parts making replacement operations hassle-free convenient. The ACs also come with multi fan speeds and built-in flow control valves. The Cassette Type ACs from the brand additionally come with 4-way directional airflow. The ACs all have a compact and modern design that makes them suited for any environment. Some great models from the brand include the LDH-20+CU-60 duct type AC at BDT 171000 and the FWU-24+CU-24 wall type AC at BDT 67000.


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