Veloce Bicycle Price in Bangladesh

Veloce is one of the most popular brands available in Bangladesh. After starting the journey as a bicycle brand, it became very popular within a short period. The reason behind this is the products. In a reasonable price, this brand provided quality products and still maintaining.

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Veloce Bicycle Price List in Bangladesh 

 Latest Veloce Bicycles Price in Bangladesh
Veloce Compact 15,500 Taka
Veloce Legacy 30,000 Taka
Veloce Outrage 602 15,500 Taka
Veloce Outrage 603 19,000 Taka
Veloce Outrage 604 24,000 Taka


Fact is the brand is not a brand from another country. Almost all categories of bicycles are available as the demand of people of this country. This brand has a customer service center. Day by day the models of the bicycles are updating with their performance and look which satisfies people. 

For road bicycle lover Veloce has Veloce Compact and Veloce Rival. Prices of these bicycles are 15,500 and 19,000 BDT respectively. Other models of this brand are mountain bicycles. It has three series of mountain bicycles. They are Veloce Inferno, Veloce Legion, and Veloce Outrage. In Inferno series, Veloce has a high range of bicycles. So, if anyone is willing to buy a bicycle with a high price, this series is for him. Bicycles of this series are equipped with expensive parts which will give you great riding experience. The price range starts from 35,000 BDT, and in this price, Inferno 1 is available. Inferno 2 and 3 costs 45,000 and 58,000 BDT respectively. Inferno 4 costs 78,000 BDT, which is the most expensive bicycle in this series and brand also.

In Legion series, Veloce has bicycles from low price range to mid-range. It has five models, and price ranges from 13,500 to 26,000 BDT. Outrage series is the same as Legion series with some different parts and outlooks. It also has five models and price ranges from 13,500 to 32,000 BDT. Veloce has two other mountain bicycles named Veloce Static and Veloce Legacy. Veloce Static costs 15,000 BDT, and Veloce Legacy cost 30,000 BDT. Veloce Legacy is a popular one. For kids, Veloce Junior is available in 8,500 BDT.

Veloce bicycle has these excellent models within a reasonable price. So, anyone can get a perfect bicycle for him from the available models easily as his requirement.

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