Vespa Bike Price in Bangladesh

Vespa is a name that most of us heard. Yes, just because of the popularity of this brand, people of all ages know the name of this brand. Vespa is an Italian brand. This brand only manufactures scooters. In Bangladesh from very beginning people are using scooters from this brand.

Even some people have a different place in their hearts for this brand. No updated models were not coming for a long time. That’s why all people used to ride the old models. If anyone was interested in buying one, then he had to go for a second-hand bike. But no more worries. With a fresh look and engine, some beautiful scooters from this brand are now available.

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Vespa Bike Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Vespa Bikes Price in Bangladesh
Vespa LX-125 1,77,000 Taka
Vespa VXL-125 2,23,000 Taka
Vespa SXL-125 2,33,000 Taka
Vespa VXL-150 2,45,000 Taka
Vespa VXL Elegante 2,63,000 Taka


Vespa SXL 150 is a new model in Bangladesh. This beautiful piece has a 150cc engine which can produce 11.4 bhp power @ 7000 rpm and 10.6 Nm torque @ 6000 rpm. The fuel system of the scooter is carburetor. There is a difference in it. It doesn’t have any chain.

It is a belt-driven bike. Recently in most of the models of this brand, you will see a belt instead of a chain. It has a disc brake in front and drums brake in the rear. The price of this scooter is approximately 255,000 BDT. It has four colors available in the market. In the same category, this brand has Vespa VXL 150, which is slightly different. It has a different look and some changes in the power of the engine. The price is comparatively low. You can get this bike in 245,000 BDT. VXL 150 has another model named VXL Elegante which has an elegant look. For this special scooter, you have a pay a little more. It will cost 260,000 BDT approximately.

In SLX and VXL series this brand has 125 cc scooters which are also available in Bangladesh. From 220,000 BDT to 235,000 BDT these models are available. Even for people with a tight budget, there is LX 125 that costs 177,000 BDT.For a stylish look, comfort, brand value, durability you can also get a scooter from this brand.

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