Vestfrost Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh

Vestfrost is a globally famous electronics manufacturer based out of Denmark. The brand has a large product portfolio under its name that includes a collection of world-class refrigerators. The refrigerators from this brand are known to be of extremely high quality. The products come with all the latest features and technology. The refrigerators justify their price by delivering some of the best performance in the market. They also elegantly designed and come in a variety of color schemes. Additionally, Vestfrost also has a set of very customer-friendly post-sale policies, including long warranty periods on specific parts as well as providing free spare parts and service.

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Vestfrost Fridge Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Vestfrost Fridges Price in Bangladesh
Vestfrost HF271 66000 Taka


The brand was established in the year 1963 and operated out of Denmark. It has a good collection of a single door and multi-door refrigerators. The refrigerators have high capacities and can cost upwards of BDT 150000. The refrigerators come with some of the most cutting edge compressors that provide nonstop hassle-free service for years. The refrigerants used in the models are R600a, which is 100% CFC, HFC & HCFC free, and environment-friendly. The doors come equipped with locks, alarm, and anti-bacterial linings. The automatic deodorizer function keeps the refrigerators stench free. Automatic defrosting functions are also available alongside digitally adjustable temperature controls. The interior of the refrigerators is equipped with adjustable glass shelves and lit with LED lights. There is also separate vegetable crisper, ice tray, and egg tray. Fan assisted multi-way cooling helps maintain an even temperature inside the refrigerators and keep the stored food fresh. 30 to 100 no frost storage is also available in many of the models. The refrigerators have stylish modern exterior designs that are sure to suit any kitchen. A very good model from the brand is the Vestfrost CFKS471(STS) Upright Refrigerator that has a price tag of around BDT 165000.


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