Victor-R Bike Price in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, we can see many bikes from different brands. Bike loving people are always interested in something new. Recently people are getting interested in classic looking bikes. Even some are modifying their bikes in café racer or classic motorcycles. These vintage-looking bikes are getting attraction mainly from the young generation.

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Victor-R Bike Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Victor-R Bikes
Price in Bangladesh
Victor-R 110 Link Advance 89,900 Taka
Victor-R Classic 100 85,000 Taka
Victor-R V100 Link 95,000 Taka
Victor-R V80 Xpress 70,000 Taka


Amongst many brands in Bangladesh, Victor-R is one of them. But this brand has a great looking bike available here in Bangladesh, which is Victor-R Classic 100.

This is the bike for the people who have a low budget and also conscious about the look. This awesome classic bike is so eye-catchy. This bike mainly a standard type commuter bike. But the difference is, in the same price range and displacement you won’t get a bike in the classic look which this bike has. The bike has a 100c single-cylinder engine and claimed a top speed of the bike is 80 km per hour. Mileage of this bike is excellent, and it runs more than 60 km per liter fuel. It has four gears, and the weight of the bike is 80 kg which is pretty low. It has drum brakes, and the only kick-starting system is available. Price of this bike is 85,000 BDT approximately.

If you go a little bit higher in the budget, Victor-R 110 Link Advance and Victor-R 100 Link are available. Within 88,000- 90,000 BDT, you can get one of them. Both the bike has electric starting system along with kick starting system. Both the bike has more power than Victor-R Classic 100. They have normal commuting bike looks. In the low price range, Victor-R V80 Xpress is available, which costs 75,000 BDT. It is an 80cc bike with a smart look.

From this brand, all the bikes are in the low price range. Anyone with a low budget can get a beautiful bike from this brand. Even most of the models are in almost the same price range. It is like having options in your budget.

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