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ViewSonic Corporation, also known as ViewSonic, is a privately-held multinational company. ViewSonic is mainly known for its liquid-crystal displays and their projectors. ViewSonic was founded by James Chu in 1987. Initially, the company was known as Keypoint Technology Corporation, but in 1990 it was renamed to ViewSonic Corporatioen, which mainly develops and sells display technology. 

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ViewSonic Monitor Price List in Bangladesh

Latest ViewSonic Monitors Price in Bangladesh
ViewSonic VX24 23.8" 20600 Taka
ViewSonic VX2276 21.5" 10300 Taka
ViewSonic VA22 24.5" 9300 Taka
ViewSonic VX20 19.5" 6500 Taka
ViewSonic va19 18.5" 5600 Taka


Monitors are one of the main focuses of ViewSonic’s production. ViewSonic categorizes their monitors by their use cases. They have monitors that are made for pro video and graphics work, gaming, and general use.

ViewSonic mainly has two series of products. The XG Series is mainly for gamers, and the monitors of this series have special features like high refresh rates. They also have other features that enhance gaming experiences, such as Freesync and G-sync support.

Most of the monitors of this series are between 24 inches and 27 inches. Most of the models have a resolution of 1080p, but a few have a higher resolution of 1440p. The price for the XG series starts
at BDT16,800.

Another ViewSonic Monitor series is VX, which is suitable for general users. Most of the monitors in the VX series come with IPS panels for better picture quality. Resolution is mostly 1080p for these monitors, but some monitors are featured with 4K resolution.

The size of the monitors of the VX series starts from 22 inches and goes up to 43 inches. The price of the VX series monitors starts from BDT 9,280.

ViewSonic's VP series monitors offer high resolution & color accuracy for doing professional work. The size of the monitors of this series starts from 24 inches with 1080p resolution and goes up to curved 38 inches with 1600p resolution. Some models also featured with 4K resolution.

The monitors of the Viewsonic's VG series are suitable for work
environments and office work. The size starts from 19 inches with a resolution of 768p.

Last but not least are the touch display monitors of ViewSonic, which fall under the TD series. These monitors are featured with touch panels for better accessibility. The size starts from 24 inches with 1080p resolution and goes up to 27 inches.

ViewSonic has a wide range of monitors for people with different needs, and they are reasonably priced.

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