Vigo AC Price in Bangladesh

Vigo is a well-reputed brand when it comes to air conditioners. The brand has a great selection of Air Conditioners that it sells at very reasonable prices. The brand is credited for introducing some great ACs in various capacities to the market, Vigo ACs are known for their capturing designs and great quality. The ACs are built tough for a long and tension free service life. Vigo also incorporates many cutting edge features and functions in their ACs, making them very practical and suitable for the modern consumer. The brand currently occupies a strong and secure position in the AC market.

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Vigo AC Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Vigo Air Conditioners Price in Bangladesh


Vigo specializes in wall mounted split type air conditioners. The brand markets these ACs in the 1.0 Ton, 1.5 Ton, and 2.0 Ton capacity categories. Vigo follows a customer-friendly pricing strategy that covers a considerably large spectrum. Most Vigo ACs in the market comes between BDT 36000 and BDT 90000.

In terms of the BTU of the units, the range extends from 12000 to 24000. The ACs all have copper condensers making the cooling function very efficient. The rotary type compressors can handle long hours of use and operate at a standard 220-240 V. The models have dust filters to supply clean air in the room. The ACs also come with anti-bacterial filters that provide an extra layer of protection for the users from harmful airborne germs.

The turbo cooling feature can cool down a room in moments. Besides, some other useful features include sleep mode, timer, led display, remote-control, and low power consumption. Vigo also has a top-notch customer service and warranty policy. The warranty period on some of the AC parts can run up to 3 years. Some popular models from the brand include the Vigo 824601 1 Ton Supreme Split AC at BDT 36000 and the Vigo 824605 2 Ton Supreme Split AC at BDT 62000.

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