Vision AC Price in Bangladesh

Vision is a home electronics and appliance brand that also deals in Air conditioners. For years Vision has a good presence in the AC market with their great collection of split ACs. The brand has delivered many AC models that excel in both quality and design. Through excellence, Vision has been able to gain a position of trust in the hears of the general public. The hi-tech engineering, coupled with breathtaking design features, has helped make Vision a prominent brand in the air condition industry landscape.



Vision AC Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Vision Air Conditioners Price in Bangladesh


Vision markets most of its ACs in the Split AC category. The brand has good models in the 1.5 Tons and 2.0 Tons capacity. Vision follows a particular range of price when it comes to their ACs. Most of their products come between the range of BDT 60000 and BDT 95000. Depending on the unit capacity, Vision ACs have BTU in the range between 18000 and 24000. The average cooling range of the ACs is between 180 to 300 making them ideal for any weather condition. The ACs use heavy-duty rotary compressors that are reliable and can perform smoothly under pressure without issues.

All the models are equipped with dust filters that constantly filter the incoming air during operations. This ensures a supply of clean and hygienic air in the room. The ACs from the brand uses the standard R410a refrigerant for cooling. The compact design of the ACs incorporates 100% copper condenser coils to provide maximum durability. The indoor operation is very quiet with a noise level of 41 DB. Some other useful functions include sleep mode, turbo mode, digital display, timer, and remote control. 

These great products are accompanied with the best warranty terms in the market and great customer service. Some popular models from the brand are the Vision BXH H & C (3D Elite) 1.5 Ton AC at 60000 and the Vision CXH H & C (3D Elite) 2.0 Ton AC at BDT 80000.

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