Vision Refrigerator Price in Bangladesh

Vision is a home electronics and appliance brand that markets many different products, including great quality refrigerators in Bangladesh. For years Vision has maintained a good presence in the local refrigerator market thanks to their outstanding collection of practically designed refrigerators. The brand has delivered many refrigerator models that excel in both quality and design. Through great customer service and after-sales policies, Vision has been able to gain a position of trust in the hearts of the general public. Hi-tech engineering, coupled with a breathtaking design feature has helped make Vision a prominent brand when it comes to refrigerators in the country.

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Vision Fridge Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Vision Fridges Price in Bangladesh
Vision RE-238 26000 Taka
Vision RE-252 25000 Taka
Vision SHR 566 90000 Taka
Vision SHR-322 50000 Taka
Vision RE-222 24000 Taka


Vision offers more than 20 different models that include top-mounted, bottom-mounted, side by side, single door, and 50-50 type refrigerators. Most of the refrigerators come between 200 and 550-liter capacity range. The models are also very competitively priced that begin at around BDT 13000 and end at around BDT 85000. The models are equipped with high grade 100% copper compressors that provide efficient cooling, operate silently, and save energy. The refrigerators use R-600a as refrigerant, which is CFC and ODP free making the refrigerators environment-friendly. The models have glass doors and stylish designs, giving them an aesthetic edge. The highly efficient cooling system maintains the inside temperature of the fridge at a constant level keeping the food fresh for a long time. Many of the refrigerators also have defrosted systems, as well as FCKW free foaming. Added features such as adjustable temperature and greater interior LED lighting make the refrigerators much more convenient to use. The refrigerators come with compressor warranty, free spare parts, free servicing as well as free freezer box. Some popular models from the brand include the Vision RE-252L Red Flower Refrigerator at around BDT 32000 and the Vision VIS-566L Refrigerator at around BDT 82000.


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