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Vision is an electronics and home appliance manufacturing brand based in Bangladesh. Vision is a brand under the RFL group. RFL group was established in the year 1981. Since its beginning, RFL has been engaged with mass production in multiple industries. In time RFL would move to consumer goods. RFL has always had a firm focus on providing product quality to the masses of the Bangladeshi market. RFL group was always connected with PRAN, and their joint effort of PRAN-RFL group has yielded multiple industry-wide businesses. Their move to consumer goods has seen them reach out to multiple countries across the 7 continents. So the PRAN-RFL group put their efforts into putting multiple brands to use. These brands are active in Bangladesh in different names and do very good business. The conglomerate had some ideas about moving into the electronics industry, and thus they established Vision in the year 2012. Now Vision operates as one of the prime local electronics and Home appliance manufacturers in the country. Among these, Vision has brought in their range of irons.

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Vision VIS-YPF 800 Taka


Vision homecare products include their range of irons. Vision has always strived for hi-tech solutions for the local market, and their iron range of products speaks volumes about this. Vision has both steam and dry irons in their arsenal of products. Their steam irons are very well equipped with spacious tanks for more steam, and there is optimum heat control for various types of fabrics. The Dry irons have very easy to use controls and stainless steel plates underneath to reduce sticking to fabrics. Both ranges of irons have special cords for better movement and are lightweight for easy carriage.

Vision has brought a significant amount of local options into the electronics market, and their Iron range has quite a lot of variety in them.

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