Vision Room Heater Price in Bangladesh

Vision is a Bangladeshi home appliance and lifestyle brand. It has a large range of products for best home uses, and shoppers can get all of their home appliance solutions in just one place. The visions product line consists of LED TVs, refrigerators, fans, AC, washing machine, electric iron, microwave oven, rice cooker, blender, multi cooker, induction cooker, and infrared cooker. All of the visions products concentrate on in-depth technology and convenience for their customers. These products bring a lot of utility for the customers as well as long performance. Vision also has room heaters in their product line.

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Vision Room Heater Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Vision Room Heaters Price in Bangladesh
VISION Room Heater - Easy 1,300 Taka
Vision Room Heater - Comfort 2,375 Taka
Vision Room Heater Classic 801522 4,500 Taka
Vision Room Heater - Simple
2,120 Taka


Vision has brought on room heaters to give the best benefits for their customers. Heaters have a very tricky use case. Their work is close to what the air cooler does but in an opposite manner. Where the air cooler lowers the temperature, the heater increases it. In both cases, the room temperature has to be bearable and comfortable. In the case of room heaters, it has to give heat in such a way that it doesn’t get totally unbearable and people don’t sweat from the heat. Vision brings in heaters with those things in mind. Vision room heaters have multiple wind support. 

Vision room heater also has an adjustable thermostat for proper control of the heat. There is a safety fuse, and a safety switch installed. It has a overheat protection as well. Vision room heater is conveniently designed and sized for portability. Here, Two heat settings of 1000/2000W for more control. Vision room heaters are designed with a view of getting the optimum level of heat. To do that it has been loaded with proper specifications and technology. Vision room heaters prioritize comfort by installing efficient configurations. There are comfort and convenience in one place with Vision room heaters.

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