Walton AC Price in Bangladesh

Walton is a consumer electronics brand based in Bangladesh that deals in all sorts of home appliances including Air Conditioners. The brand has been active for over 20 years and maintains one of the largest Ac collections in the market. Walton has a long-standing tradition of producing ACs of quality at really affordable prices. The brand also has been a pioneer in including cutting edge technology in its products. Apart from that, Walton ACs are also characterized by their great designs and color schemes. Currently, the brand ranks as one of the best local AC brands in Bangladesh.


Walton AC Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Walton Air Conditioners Price in Bangladesh
Walton WSN-12K-FTXXA 35,000  Taka
Walton WSN-RIVERINE-12A 36,900 Taka
Walton WSN-VENTURI (Marble-Gold)-18A 51,900 Taka
Walton WSN-18K-FTXXA 44,500 Taka
Walton WSN 18K-ECXXA 45,900 Taka


Walton was established in 1977 as a privately owned venture. Currently, it has a massive portfolio with commercial ACs making up a sizable portion of their market offerings. The brand has Cassette, Ceiling and Split ACs of varying capacity in its product lineup. The brand also covers a huge pricing spectrum with “affordability” at the center of its pricing strategy. Depending on the AC type and capacity, a person can get a Walton AC anywhere between BDT 30000 to BDT 170000 in the market. The BTU of the AC varies between 12000 to 52000 depending on the type. Walton Cassette ACs have BTU between 45000 and 52000 and cost around the BDT 140000 mark. The ACs in this category all have stylish and elegant design making them ideal for use in conference rooms and other public spaces. Some other general features of these ACs include big blower for high airflow, 4-way airflow with auto swing, adjustable-efficient cooling, energy-efficient compressor, and easy cleaning system.

A popular model in this category is the Walton WCN-52K-0101-RXXXE Cassette AC at BDT 160000. The Ceiling ACs from Walton cost around BDT 150000 and have BTU from 42000 to 50000 ideal for large scale commercial use.

Common features in this line of Air Conditioners are LED display, multi-directional airflow, power saver compressor and hydrophilic fins for optimal performance. These ACs also come with a wide working voltage range that ensures their protection from unstable and fluctuating currents. A popular AC model from this category is the Walton WFN-42K-0101-RXXXD Ceiling AC at BDT 159000. Walton has the largest selection in the split AC category with over 15 models ranging from 1.0 Ton to 2.5 Ton. BTU in the Split AC category ranges from 12000 to 24000 perfectly suited for domestic use. The models use eco-friendly converter technology that can save up to 60% more electricity.

The ACs have a massive cooling range from 160 to 310, making them very versatile under any weather condition. The models also have a wide working voltage range that starts from 140V to 264V, making them able to tolerate the most unstable current without issue. High-end models from this category also come with smart control that enables complete AC control through the user’s smartphone. Some other common features in the Walton Split AC category include silent operation, fast cooling (turbo mode), adjustable operation mode, and air filter.

 A popular model from this category is the Walton WSI-RIVERINE-24C-SMART intelligent inverter split AC at BDT 78000.

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