Walton Iron Price in Bangladesh

Walton is a multi-industry conglomerate in Bangladesh, with a concentration on consumer electronics, automotive solutions, hardware items, communications and a whole lot of ventures. Initially, Walton was established in 1977 as a trading company. Walton would be in business for the next 30 years doing business in apparel, electronics, automotive and more products. Walton would be one of the first brands to have their own factory within the country, with products being made within the Bangladeshi geographical boundary. Walton provides great technological solutions with sub-brands like marcel. Walton mobile is a very popular local brand for smartphones. Walton is well known for their quality home appliances. Their appliances include LED and CRT TVs, refrigerators & freezers, air conditioners, kitchen appliances, and more. They have been providing international grade products for mass consumption at prices convenient for local customers. Among their home appliances, they also have a very competitive range of irons.

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Walton Iron Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Walton Irons Price in Bangladesh
Walton WIR-SC03 1600 Taka
Walton WIR-S11 1700 Taka
Walton WIR-HD03 1300 Taka
Walton WIR-HD02 1300 Taka
Walton WIR-HD01 1200 Taka


Walton technologies are very conscious of international standards. They also design products for both professional and personal use. Their attention to detail can be seen in their range of irons as well. Their range of irons have both launderers and the normal household in mind. Walton has Dry, steam, heavy dry and cordless irons in their line. Their dry irons are very well made for daily usage in the household, and the steam irons have variable heat options for each category of fabrics. There are also vertical steam shots for instant heating. The heavy dry irons have been made to provide flat surfaces for crease friendly clothing items. The cordless irons give much mobility, and they are quite easy to use as well.

Walton is one of the biggest brands in Bangladesh and their products in the iron range show. Walton has brought the best options in an optimized manner for local customers and beyond

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