Walton Microwave Oven Price in Bangladesh

Walton is the largest homegrown consumer electronics and home appliances brand in Bangladesh. For over 20 years, the brand has been providing its customers with a long list of products that includes a line of quality ovens. The ovens from Walton are well known to be reliable and last for years without issues. The ovens incorporate some of the best aspects of design and technology available in the market. These products come with all the necessary modern functions that any customer would expect. The ovens are also very reasonably priced and are affordable for the regular household. Walton also provides its customers with some of the best post-sale services in the market.

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Capacity Range
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Walton Oven Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Walton Ovens Price in Bangladesh
Walton GR26 5800 Taka
Walton GR23 5500 Taka
Walton GR30 16500 Taka
Walton x20 8000 Taka
Walton M28 14000 Taka


Since 1977, Walton has been in the consumer electronics business, and it currently offers a range of different types of ovens to its customers. The most popular models from the brand in the (20 to 30)-liter capacity range. The price range of the products starts from BDT 5000 to BDT 16000. The optimum voltage range for the products is around 220-230V, and the power output of the ovens is around 800 to 900 watts. In many of the ovens, there are separate time, and weight defrosts function. The control panel mostly consists of an electric panel or control knobs. The ovens are easy to clean and maintain thanks to their convenient designs.
Other function, like the preset auto cooking option, is also available in the oven models. Many of the products incorporate a large display panel and come with additional functions such as time display and a timer that helps in cooking. The door hinges are made to be strong and long-lasting. The external design of the ovens are also very attractive and stylish. Some great models from the brand include the Walton WEO-TY23L Electric Oven and the Walton WG23-CGD Electric Oven.

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