Walton Room Heater Price in Bangladesh

Walton is a technology and solutions based company in Bangladesh. They bring products of many varieties in the market like home appliances, transportation, telecommunication, and more products. Walton has one of the most innovative sources of manufacturing and most up to date factories within Bangladesh. Walton has also spread its products abroad in other south Asian countries. Their solutions usually focus on giving a fulfilled performance from basic features while also providing extra features alongside. Their home appliance range has the solutions for almost all of the household work. It also provides comfort based products, and one of its great range of products is Walton room heater range.

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Walton Room Heater Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Walton Room Heaters Price in Bangladesh
Walton WRH-PTC001 2,450 Taka
Walton WRH-PTC003 2,500 Taka
Walton WRH-PTC004 2,800 Taka
Walton WRH-PTC007 1,490 Taka
Walton WRH-PTC009 2,100 Taka


Walton has always provided quality and quantity in great doses. Walton room heaters are no exception. They have multiple models under their room heater line and mainly brings two types of room heaters. One is a small fan type and also carbon wire type. Room heaters have to tick some boxes in order to be great appliances. They need to have an adjustable air-control system for heat control, and there needs to be comforted while using the heaters. There is also the matter of safety measures in the room heaters. Walton Room Heaters tries to put full effort on all of these aspects.

Walton room heaters have adjustable thermostat controls, multiple heating options as well as indicators of heat conditions on the heater. There are many variants of heaters from Walton. Room size is a very good indicator of how much heat is needed. Walton brings heaters of sizes and power depending on room size and house members. WRH-ptc007 is one model for smaller households, while WRH-ptc001 is a high powered heater for larger households. There are 9 different types of heaters from Walton, and they provide different specifications for various uses. Walton room heaters bring variety, performance, and efficiency in their room heaters.

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