Walton Tab Price in Bangladesh

Walton is the name of a brand on which Bangladeshi people can be proud of as this is the first-ever multinational company recognized globally for their electronics and appliance products. It is one of the latest multinational which is working on electrical, electronics, automobile, and other appliance products. The company is headquartered in Bangladesh, and it was founded a long time back in 1977. Firstly when they started their business, they started to manufacture electrical and electronic products. As time passes by, they diversified their products and expanded their business by entering into many sectors to meet the smart needs of people.

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Walton Tab Price List  in Bangladesh

Latest Walton Tabs Price in Bangladesh
Walton Walpad C 7,990 Taka
Walton Walpad Pro 15,990 Taka
Walton Walpad 10X 17,290 Taka
Walton Walpad 8X 15,490 Taka
Walton Walpad 8b 11,990 Taka


They have a wide range of products full of effectiveness features, and the secret behind this is their fully equipped research and development department and skilled employees. Walton is one of those first companies in Bangladesh who has thought that they would fulfill the tech needs of the domestic people. They had enough courage and confidence in themselves that they would be able to give the tech and smart products to Bangladeshi people at an affordable price.

They carry out their products through different subsidiaries under their name. They are not only fulfilling domestic needs but also global needs. Walton is not only confined to the domestic market, but they are flying in the Global arena with pride. Their range of products is much wide, and they have diversified and unique products too.

Among the products of Walton, tablets at such an affordable price are the finest innovation of them. The tabs of Walton are known as Walpad. They have made many models of it, which include Walpad C, Walpad Pro, Walpad 8X, Walpad 10X, Walpad 8B, Walpad G, and many more. Most of the processors of tablets of Walton are 1.3 GHz Quad-Core and 2GB Ram. There are some variations in their display size and Rom size. Among the tabs of Walton, Walpad Pro, Walpad 10X, and Walpad G are the most sold and popular products. 

If we look out and compare the prices of the tablets of Walton with other companies, then we can easily understand how much more Walton is giving us. They are one of those companies in Bangladesh, who provide quality products at an affordable rate. The price range of the tabs starts from around BDT 8000 to BDT 50,000.

But most of their tabs are from BDT 8000-16,000. Walpad C is the low price phone of Walton whereas the price of Walpad Pro is BDT 18000, Walpad 8X is BDT 15500, Walpad G2 is BDT 8500, and Walpad 10B is BDT 10500. Walton is really charging a lot in their features and trying hard to make the people live much more updated and upgraded. 

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