Xiaomi Fitness Tracker & Band Price in Bangladesh

Xiaomi Corporation is a publicly held electronics company based in China that has its headquarters in Beijing. Xiaomi was founded in 2010 by Lei Jun. Xiaomi mainly operates in the consumer electronics and computer hardware industries. Currently, Xiaomi is widely known for smartphones and the price to performance ratio. Some of these phones have made them a well-known brand not only in the Asian markets but also in the western markets. Xiaomi launched their 1 st phone in August of 2011. After that, they quickly gained market shares and in 2014 became the largest smartphone company in China.

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Xiaomi Fitness Tracker & Band Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Xiaomi Fitness Trackers & Bands Price in Bangladesh
Xiaomi Mi Band 3 2300 Taka
Xiaomi Mi Band 4 2500 Taka
Xiaomi Mi Band 2 1500 Taka


At the beginning of the second quarter of 2018, Xiaomi was ranked 4th in the list of world’s largest smartphone manufacturing companies. 

Along with various products, Xiaomi manufactures fitness trackers as well. Xiaomi calls their fitness trackers MI Band. As of now, Xiaomi has come out with four fitness trackers of the MI Band so far which are the MI Band 1, 2, 3 and 4.

The MI bands would track the activities of the user, and the numbers would show up in the companion app. The MI Band was also certified IP 67 water-resistant.

The very first MI band was a very basic one. In MI band 2 Xiaomi did not change much but added a better display. MI band 3 was a lot better than the band 2. Xiaomi added lots of features in this band, and the built quality was also a lot better.

MI band 4 was launched in 2019. It was featured with a digital display which is new to MI band series. This band has better tracking capacity than others. 

Xiaomi offers basic fitness trackers for a very low price. The MI Band lineup is an excellent choice for anyone is looking for a basic fitness tracker on a tight budget.

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