Xiaomi Headphone Price in Bangladesh

 Technology has developed to lessen the hassle and increase the lifestyle positively. But nations can’t get developed unless this technology is accessible for everyone around the world. Every organization has its specific area of emphasizing, not irrelevantly Xiaomi has so, always kept their vision on innovation and make that best accessible for the people.

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Xiaomi Headphone Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Xiaomi Headphones Price in Bangladesh
Xiaomi ZBW4353TY 2,900 Taka
Xiaomi TDLYEJ01JY 4,800 Taka


Not a very old one, Xiaomi was established in 2010. They are surviving eight years in the market, competing successfully with the other brands and grown up with their potential. Invented by a Chinese entrepreneur Lei Jun and the company is headquartered in the capital city of that country, Beijing. Within a very short expansion of time, it has been able to spread their business wings globally.   

The price circle of Xiaomi headphones moves between 3,000 BDT to 20,000 BDT. No qualified price of the products set by the reseller for this the product price might up-down. Based on the price and features, there are some fantastic collections recommended by the users.

As mentioned earlier, Xiaomi is the brand dedicated to technology make usable for everyone. They have kept the strategy the same in term of headphone too. “MK801 Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphone” is the best collection in this regard. Xiaomi has tried to make it updated in all aspects. The shape of the design, give polished head belts and the warm foam pad area ensures enjoyable, and the clear sound makes it comfortable for both ear and head. The revolutionary sound driver keeps the music pleasant and enjoys the rhythm of the bass. Another one along with this competitive price level is “HI-FI 50mm Beryllium Diaphragm Stereo Headphone”. Generally, the ear space is covered with the foaming area, but in this one, the head belt area is also covered with foam. Attractive look and decent shape have made it an artistic choice. 1.4M of cable length and high-fidelity sound system has altogether combined the product a proper match. This is one of Xiaomi’s highest priced product, nearly 20,000 BDT. Priced quite cheaper and because of its stylish looking “MK801 Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones Red” has got the users concern. Added to that “MI Gaming Headset for Game Lovers - Black” is one of the popular names in respect to gaming headphones, priced about 8,000 BDT. With 40-meter long graphene compound structure, ensures better sound quality and dual microphone pr

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