Xiaomi Power Bank Price in Bangladesh

If you are disgusted with a low battery life of your beloved smartphone, then you should go for the smartest solution right now available in the market. Yes, I’m talking about a power bank. Powerbank is an accessory which has become a very important part of our daily life.

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Xiaomi Power Bank Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Xiaomi Power Banks Price in Bangladesh
Xiaomi MI 2i 1300 Taka
Xiaomi 2c 1800 Taka
Xiaomi 2s 1200 Taka
Xiaomi v2i 1100 Taka
Xiaomi zmi 6500 mah 1800 Taka


Xiaomi is a Chinese electronics manufacturer that is making almost accessories that you will need in daily use which includes smartphones, power banks, earphones, etc. And almost all of them are available in the Bangladeshi marketplaces.

Whenever you are running out of our charge, you can recharge your smartphone through Xiaomi power banks. Xiaomi is making power banks according to almost everyone’s needs. Their slim and sleek design which is made of aluminum metal, will definitely amuse you. Xiaomi has power banks with qualcomm quick charge technology that will charge your smartphone very fast than the normal chargers available in the market. You can choose a power bank from Xiaomi that starts from 10000 mAh to 20000 mAh. All of them are available in Bangladesh market.

You can get anyone of them according to your need. If you are a very light user, then you can go for the Xiaomi power bank v2 which is 10000mAh powered, and it will cost you around 1200 taka 1400 taka. Once you charge full your power bank, you can recharge your power bank up to 2 or times. But if you are a hardcore smartphone user, then you should go for then 20000mAh one which is called Xiaomi power bank 2C. By this power bank, you can recharge your smartphone around 4 or 5 times according to your smartphone battery capacity. This power bank will cost you around 1800 taka to 2000 taka.

Alongside with these two models, Xiaomi also has some amazing models with different capacity and price range. You can also choose from them according to your budget and requirements.



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