Xiaomi Router Price in Bangladesh

Xiaomi is a very well known brand from Chine. This brand has a popularity for its mobile phones mainly. Besides this, Xiaomi is also manufacturing many other things like headphones, smartwatch, power bank and many more. Another tremendous electronic equipment from this brand is the Wi-Fi router. People always prefer electronic items, which provides great performance. Xiaomi has brought Wi-Fi routers to us. Already it earned the attention of many people. You can also get one for you.

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Xiaomi Router Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Xiaomi Routers Price in Bangladesh
Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router 3C  2,000 Taka
Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router 3 2,600 Taka
Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router 4C  1,850 Taka
Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router 4A 2,700 Taka
Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router 4 3,400 Taka


Xiaomi Mi Router 3 AC1200 Router is a great one from this brand. Price of this router is 2550 BDT. It has four external high-gain antennas, and the data transmission rate of this router is 1167 Mbps. It has 128 MB DDR2 RAM, and 128 MB SLC and flashes ROM in it. Comparatively, in slight low price, you can also get Xiaomi Mi Router 3 Dual-Band which costs 2450 BDT. Both have almost the same specifications with USB connector also.

In the almost same price range, you can also get Xiaomi Mi Router 3 128MB RAM 4 Antenna 3x Faster Wi-Fi Router which will cost 2650 BDT. This router can cover up to 2000 square feet are. These routers can provide a high-security system. You can cover a bigger place, and multiple users can connect easily with the routers. If there is no internet problem them, the connection will provide you smooth user experience.

Sometimes we face some difficulties to manage the settings and connect our wireless devices with the Wi-Fi router. But these routers can be controlled by Xiaomi MiWi-Fi application by a smartphone. For watching videos directly from the internet, and play online games even you can stream HD videos by using this Wi-Fi router from Xiaomi. Even the great thing about these routers is 126 users can connect at the same time. No lagging will be seen.

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