Znen Bike Price in Bangladesh

ZNEN is a bike manufacturing company from China. In Bangladesh, this brand is getting popular day by day. This brand is producing and exporting bikes in more than 100 countries. Especially this brand is famous for scooters. Fasani Inteps Ltd. is the leading distributor in Bangladesh which is importing products from this brand. Mainly in Bangladesh, we get the European version of the engine. Mainly the company is situated in Taizhou city, China. But as this company has become very big, there are many factories overall in the world.

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Znen Bike Price List in Bangladesh 

Latest Znen Bikes Price in Bangladesh
Znen Aurora 125 138,000 Taka
Znen Delivery 125 135,000 Taka
Znen Fantasy 160,000 Taka
Znen RX 150 Offroad 145,000 Taka
Znen T10 235,000 Taka


From this brand, some models are available in Bangladesh. Most of them are scooters. The coolest scooter right now available in Bangladesh is ZNEN T10. This scooter has a 150cc, Single cylinder, four strokes, air-cooled engine. This engine can produce 16 bhp power @ 9000rpm and 14 nm torque @ 9000rpm. Claimed top speed of the bike is 125 km per hour, and you will get mileage about 40 km per liter. In the breaking segment, the scooter has disc brakes both in front in the rear. The scooter has a huge space for riders. It provides great comfort. Even it has extra space under the seat to keep things like a helmet.

This scooter costs 2,35,000 BDT approximately. In this T series, this brand has two more bikes available in Bangladesh. T9 is one of them, and this one is also a great bike. It costs 2,15,000 BDT. This scooter also has a different and stylish look. It has a 150cc engine, and the power of the engine is less than T10. But in performance, it won’t make you upset. Both electric and kick-starting system is available in the scooter. This one is also a dual disc scooter. In 1,65,000 BDT you can get ZNEN T6. This one is the cheapest one in this series from this brand. This bike has a 150cc engine with great power. It reaches from 0-60 km per hour speed only in 4 seconds. So, you can assume the power of the engine. Claimed top speed of the bike is 130 km per hour. As a scooter, the speed is so high and exceptional in Bangladesh. This bike disc brake is missing in the rear wheel. It has a disc brake only in front, and the rear one is a drum brake. At this price, the brand is proving a great bike. You won’t get a sharp look like T10 or T9. But the performance will give much pleasure.


ZNEN RX 125 Off-road is a very different scooter from this brand. This scooter has a different look than other scooters. In the front part of the motorcycle resembles the look of a dirt bike. As you can see it has off-road in its name. It is a 125cc scooter, but you can’t underestimate the power. To achieve from 0 to 60 km per speed the need only 6 seconds. The top speed of the bike is 110 km per hour mileage of the bike is about 45 km per liter. The scooter has disc brakes both in rear and front. And besides starting it with electricity, you can also start it by the kick-starting system. The price of this scooter is 1,45,000 BDT.

In the 125cc segment, the brand has DELIVERY 125. This one is also a great scooter, but the look of this scooter is not as attractive as ZNEN RX 125. But if you buy this scooter, you can save up to 10,000 BDT because the price of this scooter is 1,35,000 BDT. If you want to buy a scooter in the same price range but with a different look then you must go for Aurora 125cc. This scooter costs 1,38,000 BDT. ZNEN gave a great look at this scooter, and the look is combined with the modern and vintage scooter design. For light use, this brand has a nice-looking bike with a 100cc engine. This is ZNEN JOG. This scooter has an air-cooled engine, and it provides great mileage which is about 45 km per liter. The price of this scooter is 1,10,000 BDT.

The only bike available from this brand is ZNEN Vento 150. This one is a cruiser bike with a 150cc air-cooled engine. Top speed of the bike 110 km per hour but mileage will leave you speechless. The bike runs about 60 km for burning 1-liter fuel. Both electrically and kick-starting system, you can start the bike. It has a disc brake only in the front wheel. The bike has a stylish look. Especially the dual-hole silencer pipe is so attractive. With all these awesome features, the bike costs 1,40,000 BDT, which is very reasonable. In this price, the bike is a complete package.

As the brand is capturing the market in Bangladesh day by day, it will be more popular. And more bikes and scooters will be available from this brand as like ZNEN Fantasy 150, Grand Retro, Snail, R8, Vista, etc. For all types of people with various budgets, the brand has something to offer. It is the biggest plus point for this brand to capture the market.


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