Acer Monitor Price in Bangladesh

Acer Inc., but usually known as Acer, is a multinational company based in Taiwan. Acer operates in the electronics and hardware industry. Carolyn Yeh was founded in 1976, George Huang, and Stan Shih. Acer was formerly known as Multitech and took the name of Acer Inc. in the year 1987. Acer is widely known for its developing and selling personal computers, and in the year 2015, they were ranked the sixth-biggest PC vendors in the world. Acer operates in 70 countries and has more than 7000 people working for them worldwide.

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Acer Monitor Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Acer Monitors Price in Bangladesh
Acer v196 18.5" 6000 Taka


Acer also has many lineups of computer peripherals. Among these peripherals, monitors are also included. Acer is known for making quality monitors for a good price and also offer different feature sets in their monitors for different types of workloads.

Acer has a different lineup of monitors that are made for a different purpose. They have monitors that are made for entertainment and content consumption also for professional work and productivity and not to forget gaming.

Coming to their entertainment side, they have the H, G lineup of monitors that are meant to be more cost-effective. At the same time, they have good panel quality so that the consumer can enjoy their content. Then they also have the R, S, E lineups that are meant to be more high end in terms of panel quality and be more elegant at the same time. For the professionals, they have their CB and EB line up, which offer high resolution and wide viewing angles to aid in productivity.

For all the gamers out there, they offer gaming monitors of different calibers. From budget-friendly to overkill, Acer has all types of gaming monitors such as high refresh rate, low response time, and free sync or G-sync support.

Acer offers great monitors for different price points and different workloads. Their gaming lineup is also feature-packed, but their higher-end monitors are of a very high price.

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