Adidas Fitness Tracker & Band Price in Bangladesh

Adidas AG is a multinational corporation based in Germany. The company was founded in 1924 by Adolf Dassler and is headquartered in Herzogenaurach, Germany. Adidas is the largest sportswear company in Europe, and worldwide it is ranked the second largest just after Nike. 

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Adidas Fitness Tracker & Band Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Adidas Fitness Trackers & Bands Price in Bangladesh
Adidas miCoach Smart 4000 Taka
Adidas miCoach fit 3000 Taka


Adidas designs and makes clothing, shoes, and accessories. As Adidas is mainly focused on making sports-related products, they also manufactured fitness tracker for the people who want to monitor their activities and health. Adidas has two fitness trackers available on the market now. The first one is the miCoach Smart Run, and the second one is the miCoach Fit Smart.

The miCoach Smart Run is quite a big and hefty watch. It is feature-packed with things like heart rate monitors, GPS, MP3 player, etc. It has a 1.45 inch display which makes it big enough to be seen comfortably, but it has a small touch-space which sometimes makes it hard to hit.

On the other hand, the miCoach Fit Smart is a much more affordable and toned down offering from Adidas. While the Smart Run was a very big and chunky device, the Fit Smart has a much slimmer and sleeker design profile. There is no pixels or glass in the Fit Smart, but rather it has a 17x11 matrix LED display. After the launch, the Fit Smart was heavily criticized for not being able to record basic lifestyle activities. But it has been fixed with an update, and now it can record things like step count, calories burned and estimated distance traveled.

Adidas launched these two products to appeal to the people who are looking for a reliable fitness tracker. But as of now, Adidas has stated that they will no longer be making any fitness trackers. The miCoach Smart Run and Fit Smart are quite competent fitness trackers, but currently, they are quite hard to find if anyone wishes to buy them.

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