Ahuja Microphone Price in Bangladesh

Ahuja Radios is one of the most popular companies in the world. It deals with public Address Equipment, and at the same time, it is also India's leading manufacturer and exporter.  It's an ancient company which started its journey back in 1940. This company had been worked hard for the last seven decades. Now they establish themselves as a trusted brand.

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Ahuja Microphone Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Ahuja Microphones Price in Bangladesh
Ahuja UTP-30 600 Taka
Ahuja AUD-98XLR 1195 Taka
Ahuja CTP-10DX 1300 Taka
Ahuja CTP-33DX 1100 Taka
Ahuja HBM 60CC Headband Series 899 Taka


After their establishment, they always focused on delivering the best value to the customer to fulfill the PA application requirement of the customers. That is why they had maintained a well-resourced R&D team which gave the customers new and reliable products. Trust of customers that have made Ahuja a well-recognized brand. 

Ahuja has got a wide range of collection of digital sound devices, and they have changed our hearing experience. Among the full range of products, the microphone is one of the most popular ones. And they have got different categories and series of microphones. Ahuja has a wireless microphone, headband microphone series, professional economy series, special purpose series, and many more.

Among different series of microphones, CTP 10DX clip microphone, AUD-98XLR, Professional Neck microphone CTP-33DX are the most popular ones. CTP 10DX has got the frequency responsiveness of 100-15,000 Hz, and they are used for giving lectures, interviews, etc. whereas AUD-98XLR is used for giving a speech and paging applications. Another popular microphone of Ahuja  CTP-33DX has got a single back capacitor which has a frequency response of 50-16,000 Hz. 

Ahuja has set their pricing in such a way that everyone can afford them and satisfy their needs. If we look at the prices of the microphone, then it is evident that they are unquestionably affordable. The price of CTP-10DX is BDT 2000, AUD-98 XLR is BDT 1195, CTP-33DX is BDT 2890 whereas HBM 60 CC is BDT 1200. As we can see that Ahuja has various types of products which are of different prices for different classes of people. This strategy of Ahuja has made it such a popular brand to everyone.

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