Akij Bike Price in Bangladesh

Motorbike is a popular and common vehicle in Bangladesh. Many people use this vehicle to move from road to road for their daily purpose. Especially in cities where traffic is massive, motorbike helps you to reach anywhere in a shorter time than a car. Even in many cities, people are using ride-sharing apps to reach their goal with a bike. Many people have bikes. More are willing to buy one. In Bangladesh, various motorbikes from the various brand are available in the different price range.

If you are thinking about to buy a bike for you, you must be gathering knowledge about many brands and bikes. You must be finding a suggestion for a suitable category for you. Here, we are not going to suggest, but going to introduce you to a different category, which is an electric bike.

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Akij Bike Price list in Bangladesh 

Latest Akij Bikes  Price in Bangladesh
Akij Durbar 110,000 Taka
Akij Durdanto 110,000 Taka
Akij Duronto 69,000 Taka
Akij Ponkhiraj 80,000 Taka
Akij Eagle 50,000 Taka


In the whole world, many people are using electric bikes in which there is no fuel engine. The bike depends on the battery. For using this type of bikes, you don’t need to go to a fuel station. You don’t have to worry about changing engine oil. You don’t have to worry about various parts and accessories like other bikes. You can quickly charge it in your home, office, or any other place with the charger. 

Here in Bangladesh, many people are getting used to this type of bikes. Most people who need to ride a fixed distance everyday choose this type of bike. In Bangladesh, you can get this type of bikes from many brands. But most of them are Chinese. But Akij is a brand from Bangladesh which is producing electric bikes beside manufacturing many other vehicles. 

A great looking electric bike from this brand is Akij Samrat. It has 1500W power with 60V 20AH battery. This bike can run in 50 km per hour speed. A battery of the bike takes 6-8 hours to charge fully. This bike looks almost like a normal bike. This beautiful electric bike costs 78,000 BDT approximately. If your budget is high, then you can go for the Akij Durbar which costs 114,000 BDT. This bike has a more powerful battery than Akij Samrat, and it has a more stylish look. In the same price range, there is a bike with a sporty look named Akij Durdanto, which has almost the same specification as Akij Durbar, but it has a different look.

Both Akij Durbar and Durdanto can run in about 70 km per hour speed. In the scooter segment, the brand has two electric bikes in the same price range. Akij Duronto and Akij Durjoy. Each of them costs about 69,000 BDT. Both bikes h+ave a great look. It is like having options in the same price range. In 63,000 BDT another scooter named Akij Ponkhiraj is available. This one also has a stylish and different look. If you are in a tight budget, you can go for Akij Eagle which costs approximately 50,000 BDT. This electric bike has a simple like a bicycle. It has pedals in it. In case if the bike is run out of charge, you can ride it by pedaling. This one is lightweight also. 

For the people who are looking for electric bike, Akij is a great brand which has beautiful electric bikes within various price range.

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