Amazon Tab Price in Bangladesh

Amazon Inc. is mostly known as Amazon, which is the world's largest e-commerce marketplace considering revenue and market capitalization. It is a multinational company based in Washington. They mainly focus on e-commerce, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence.

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Amazon Tab Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Amazon Tabs  Price in Bangladesh
Amazon Fire 7 (7th Gen) 9,000 Taka
Amazon Fire 7 (9th Gen) 10,200 Taka
Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8 11,500 Taka
Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 13,500 Taka
Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8 Kids Edition 16,000 Taka


The company was founded in the year 1994, and the sailor of this exciting and thrilling journey was Jeff Bezos, the CEO, and founder. They started their journey selling books online, and by the passes of time, they began to diversify. After the success of the online bookstore, they started to sell videos, MP3 downloads, audiobooks, video games, apparel, and many more.

In a word, they started to showcase and sell products on the internet. After being successful as an online platform, Amazon didn't stop there. They started their own publications, film, and television studio and started making consumers electronics too. Amazon has put their successful footmarks in every sector of tech, so it has been called one of the big four of "Four Horsemen" in the field of Technology.  

Amazon not only showcases other company or brand's products on their platform but also theirs. Now many electronic products and devices, including TV, tablets, E-readers, etc. are manufactured and engineered by Amazon. The company has kept TV and tablets under one flagship brand and named the brand "Fire".

Till now, Amazon has released nine models of Fire tablets in the market. They have made the tablets not only for adults but also for kids. There are four models available in the market for kids, and the rest of the models are for adults. Their tablets have three sizes of the display, which are 7, 8, and 10.1 inches. Quad-core 1.3GHz is used in most of the tablets, and the tabs have a battery life of up to 8-10 hours. Amazon is also giving a warranty of 90 days to two years. The most interesting and great thing about Fire tablets is that in these tablets, you will get over 600,000 apps.

The objective of Amazon behind making Fire tablets is that they want to provide high-performance tablets at an affordable price. And the good news is that they are keeping their words. In fact, Amazon is also offering less price at their online platform. The price of their tablets starts from BDT 4500 to BDT 20,000. The price of Fire 7 tablet is BDT 4500, whereas the price of the latest model Fire HD 10 is BDT 13,000. Among the kids' tablets, the lowest price is of fire 7 kids edition is BDT 8500.

On the other hand, the highest price of kid's tablet is BDT 20,000. Amazon has set much lower than any other well-known companies, and this one is affordable for every class of people. Their product quality, features, and pricing are so lucrative, and this has attracted the customers, which helped Fire tablets becoming this much popular. 

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