Anobik Power Bank Price in Bangladesh

Anobik is a Bangladeshi Company that provides some good quality power banks. As a Bangladeshi company, Anobik made those power banks according to Bangladeshi people's need. The price range of those smartphones is 1050 taka to 2000 taka.

Battery Capacity

Anobik Power Bank Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Anobik Power Banks Price in Bangladesh
Anobik Essential 10000 Compact 1,090 Taka
Anobik Pulse 10000 Pro 1,590 Taka
Anobik Essential 10000 1,290 Taka
Anobik Pulse 10000 1,390 Taka


If you are on a tight budget, then you can choose Anobik Essential Compact power bank. This power bank is a 10000 mAh power bank. It has 2 USB ports, a micro USB port, and 4 LED indicator lights. The internal battery that Anobik used on this power bank is a powerful lithium polymer. So at a deficient price range, this power bank is a choice able one. Anobik also has some mid-range 10000 mAh power bank like Anobik Pulse 10000 mAh slim power bank. This power bank has a flashlight. It is pretty unusual, but it can be an essential thing. This is a dual color power bank. The body of the power bank is black, and the sides are white. Like the previous one, it has 2 USB ports and a micro USB port. You can charge two of your device at a time with this power bank. You can get this power bank only at 1490 taka.

Anobik also has a powerful power bank with Qualcomm quick charge 3. The model name is Anobik Pulse 10000 mAh. This power bank also has 2 USB ports, but this time it has a USB type c port and a micro USB port. So you don't need to worry about your device's USB port. Moreover, you can charge two of your device at a time with this power bank. Once you charge this power bank, you will be able to recharge your power bank three or more times. This depends on the battery capacity of your device. As it is a quick charge 3.0 enabled power bank, it is obvious that if your phone has a quick charge facility, it will charge your smartphone very fast. You can get this power bank only at 1990 taka.

In terms of specifications, build quality and performance, we can say that these Anobik power banks are pretty impressive.



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