Astrum Mouse Price in Bangladesh

Astrum is an electronics company based in Honk Kong that was founded in 2008. Astrum aims to provide people worldwide to get access to new technologies. Astrum strides to make their products budget-friendly and also tries to give their customers good value for the money.
Astrum manufactures a wide range of products, including computer peripherals. The mouse Astrum manufactures is mainly categorized into three lineups that are their MU, MG, and MW lineups. The MU lineup consists of traditional, simple, and minimal looking mouse. These mouses are meant to be the barebones essentials for any computer setup at a wallet-friendly price point. The mouse comes in the MU lineup comes in a few different designs and shapes. The minimalistic look of these mouses make them a fine fit for any office environment. General productivity is the main purpose these mouses are meant to serve.

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Astrum Mouse Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Astrum Mouses Price in Bangladesh
Astrum MU110 300 Taka
Astrum Mw240 500 Taka


The MW lineup consists of mice that feature wireless technology. These mouses feature 2.4GHz wireless technology that helps to eliminate cable clutter and also makes them more portable. The MW mouses are also quite minimalistic in design and are mostly made with general productivity in mind.
In terms of the gaming mouse, Astrum doesn’t offer a lot of products to offer. They only have a few gaming models available. Their gaming products fall under their MG lineup. The lower tier model they offer is the MG200. It has an optical sensor that can go up to 3200 DPI and has RGB lighting. The higher tier model they offer is the MG300. The MG300 also comes with an optical sensor that can go up to 3200 DPI. It features programmable buttons and RGB lighting.
Astrum has a big lineup of the mouse to choose from. Even though they offer good products for the money in their non-gaming section, their gaming lineup doesn’t have a lot of variety.

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