Astrum Power Bank Price in Bangladesh

Powerbanks are an essential smartphone accessory right now. It is a useful accessory to whom, who has a smartphone. Today's smartphones biggest problem is its battery life. To extend the battery life smartly, anyone will need a power bank. You definitely need a power bank if you are the person who wants to use your smartphone flawlessly. Today we will introduce a power bank brand called Astrum. Astrum power banks are the product from Astrum Holdings Limited.

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Astrum Power Bank Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Astrum Power Banks Price in Bangladesh
Astrum PB120 1,590 Taka
Astrum PB130 1,750 Taka
Astrum PB150 2,000 Taka
Astrum PB230 1,300 Taka
Astrum PB2780 1,300 Taka
Astrum PB310 1,900 Taka


Astrum is a brand which provides some unique and impressive quality power banks. Astrum is a famous company that is known for its unique design power banks. Most of them are available in Bangladesh market. For example, ASTRUM UNIVERSAL POWER BANK 10000mAh. The design of this power bank is unique and eye-catching. The build quality of this power bank is also pretty impressive. It has two USB ports and a micro US port. So you can charge two of your smartphones at a time. Moreover, this power bank also has a LED light indicator as well. There are four colors of this power bank available. They are black, red, pink, and white. All of them are available in the Bangladeshi market. You can get this power bank at only 2850 taka. In a word, we can say this power bank is a beauty and the beast!

You can get more awesome Astrum power banks in Bangladesh market like Astrum PB780, Astrum PB150, Astrum PB520, etc. all of these power banks are available in the price range 1200 taka to 1800 taka. But Astrum PB 260 is the best option is your budget is below 1000 taka. This is a 2000 mAh power bank with a single USB port and a micro USB port. This power bank will cost you around 800 taka.

We have a vast amount of power banks for you to choose the best power bank for you. Just search it, analyze, compare, and buy it!



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