Astrum Speaker Price in Bangladesh

Astrum, Hong Kong-based tech company, started their journey back in 2008, and they are following their aim since then. They aim to break down the barrier between people and technology, and they are doing it successfully with their sheer hard work and determination. They are serving worldwide with their consumer electronics. Astrum has a wide range of products starting from mobile accessories, audio devices to IT, or LED lights. They are the one who provides quality electronics products at an affordable price, and this is how they are breaking the barrier between people and technology.

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Astrum Speaker Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Astrum Speakers Price in Bangladesh
Astrum ST150 2100 Taka
Astrum Sm360  3800 Taka
Astrum ST110 1100 Taka
Astrum ST130 2100 Taka
Astrum SM300 2500 Taka


Talking about the speakers of Astrum, they are one of the best ones in the market. If you consider buying a speaker, then this can be the best option for you. Astrum basically have two categories of speakers. One is Bluetooth speakers, and another one is multimedia speakers. In the Bluetooth speaker category, there are 18 products, and the products are arranged in two series. They also have wireless speakers in the Bluetooth section. In the multimedia speaker section, there are 46 speakers, which are of very unique and useful features. The multimedia speakers of Astrum have six series, which come with fully functional remote, built-in buttons, good sound quality, and clear bass. These quality features of Astrum speakers have made it a well-recognized brand. As far as the price is concerned, the price range of Astrum speakers starts from around BDT 1000 to more than BDT 10,000. The Bluetooth speakers of Astrum start from BDT 1000-5000, whereas the price range of multimedia speakers is BDT 3000-10,000. So it is the pricing and the quality of products, which made Astrum a well-known name in the speaker industry.

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