ASUS Power Bank Price in Bangladesh

Asus is a famous company which we know as a smartphone company. But Asus also produces some power banks. Nowadays, power banks have become part and parcel of our daily life. Choosing the best power bank is a tough job. So we are here to help you. Today we are going to discuss on Asus power banks.

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ASUS Power Bank Price List in Bangladesh

Latest ASUS Power Banks Price in Bangladesh
Asus Zen 10500 Mah 1400 Taka


Till now, Asus launched some amazing and pretty solid power banks. Price ranges of these power banks are not so high. So if your budgets are slightly low, you can get an Asus power bank. The power banks which are available in Bangladesh market are single USB port enabled power banks. So you cannot get the facility of charging your two or three devices at a time. But it is enough for charging your beloved smartphone two or three times easily according to your device battery capacity. But the build qualities of these power banks are top-notch. The body of those power banks is made of aluminum metal. The battery that Asus used on the power banks is lithium-ion. These power banks are very eye-catching and handy. You will feel excellent in hand, and these are very lightweight. There is an on-off button on these power banks, and some lights to notify you how much charge is left. All of the Asus power banks are overcharge safety protected.


Let’s come to the price range. At 2000 taka price range, you will get Asus 10050mAh power bank. This variant has different color options like white, silver, blue, pink, etc. You can choose according to your taste. Asus also has a Zen Power series power bank which is also 10050 mAh power bank, but those are better in quality than the previous ones. These power banks have a safeguard against short circuits. Asus Zen power banks are Ultra-fast charging capable power banks, which is available only in silver color.



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