Audio Technica Microphone Price in Bangladesh

Audio Technica is a group of companies which serve worldwide and the market leader in the field of Audio equipment. This brand was established in the year 1962, and it initially started with and was known for state-of-the-art phonograph cartridges. After the huge success, they began to expand their product line by creating microphone, wireless systems, headphone, mixers, and electronic products. Their products were not only used for home but also professional use, and it had been working hard for better design, quality, and durability. This reputed company's products are used both in the U.S. House of Representatives and many major broadcast events. It proves their dominance and position in the industry.

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Audio Technica Microphone Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Audio Technica Microphones Price in Bangladesh
Audio Technica AT2035 16000 Taka
Audio Technica AT2050 17000 Taka
Audio Technica AT4040 32500 Taka
Audio Technica ATW-1702 41500 Taka
Audio Technica AT4050 50500 Taka


Microphones are one of the most wanted products of Audio Technica, and this brand has also got headphones, headphone amplifier, and turntables along with the microphone. They have got a vast collection of microphone which leads to arrange them in many categories. The categories are Radio vocal mic, shotgun mic, field recording mic, head-worn, DSLR mics and many more.

Radio vocal mics are used for radio stations, and the most popular mic of this category is BP40. The shotgun mics were designed for the broadcast professionals whereas field recording mics are best for the interview and musical events. Among all the types and all variations of microphones, the most sold and popular ones are AT 8010, AT 8033, BP 4073, BP4071L, BP 892, AT 9947 CM, etc. So it is the variation and wide collection that made Audio Technica a favorite brand to all. 

The pricing that Audio Technica has set for their products are comparatively higher than the other local and international brands. But as we all know, better things come at a better price. So the overall cost is slightly higher, but if we consider based on features and quality, it is reasonable. This cost  AT2035 is BDT 16000, AT4050 is BDT 50500, ATW-1702 is BDT 41500 whereas AT4040 is BDT 32500. One of the most popular one AT2050 is BDT 17000. So, the price that we need to pay for having an Audio Technica microphone is a bit higher. But this brand's products are of superior quality, and they are going to last for long. The innovative features and durability of the products have helped this brand to come at this stage where everyone has huge trust in this brand.

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