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BRB is a well-respected brand that markets products in many different categories. The brand has a great lineup of electric fans that it has been producing for some time. BRB ensures the highest in quality control and product conformity when it comes to their products. The fans are known to be very well built and reliable.

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BRB Fan Price List in Bangladesh

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BRB 56" 2700 Taka


The modern design features make them extremely suited for everyday use and durable. The products are also made to be very affordable and reasonably priced for the public. Currently, BRB is recognized as a brand that is well established and loved by its customers.

BRB primarily deals in great quality ceiling fans. The brand has some outstanding models in this category. The products are also priced reasonably following the brand's will to serve the masses. Most of the BRB fans in this category can be found to be sold between BDT 2500 and BDT 3000. The fans pack a number of attractive features and functions. All the fans operate at a standard 220V of electric voltage, making them compatible any typical home.

Fans also show great efficiency during operations consuming only around 70-75 watt of electric power. Most of the ceiling fans have a standard size of 56 inches (1400 mm) and come equipped with 3 blades. The fans operate at around 300 to 320 rpm insuring strong winds and user comfort. Apart from the great engineering specs, the fans also sport great looks and designs. The fans come in different colors to suit the customers' wishes and incorporate modern and original design features.

BRB also maintains great service and warranty policies to serve their customers further. Specific warranty may vary, but some models come with warranties of up to 7 years. A great model from the brand is the BRB (BRBZAF56FANNIS) 56" Lovely Ceiling Fan that costs around BDT 3000.

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