Candy Microwave Oven Price in Bangladesh

Candy is a very famous and well-reputed global home appliance brand based in Italy. The brand sells a myriad of well-made products, including some top of the line ovens. The ovens are known for their very practical design features, as well as their unparalleled quality.

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Capacity Range

Candy Oven Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Candy Ovens Price in Bangladesh
Candy FCXE 75000 Taka
Candy FLG202 75000 Taka
Candy FPP6094 75000 Taka
Candy FPG930 125000 Taka
Candy CFV460 100000 Taka


Candy utilizes some of the most cutting edge technology when making their ovens. The products come with all the modern amenities and functions that one would reasonably expect. The ovens are also quite reasonably priced, making them even more attractive to the general public. Candy also offers some great after-sale policies and terms alongside its already lucrative products.

Candy started its journey back in 1945 and is currently being operated under the Chinese brand Haier. The brand specializes in the electric built-in single and double type ovens. The ovens are roughly priced between BDT 25000 to BDT 45000. The Ovens come with some of the most attractive and functional amenities in the market.

Many of the models come with features such as Glass top lids as well as a double glass door. The interior cavities are equipped with inner lamps to help observe the food during cooking. The double ovens from the brand are completely functioning and independent twin ovens. Some of the models are Retro style single fan ovens. The cooking time function also helps with everyday cooking.

There is chicken turnspit available for hassle-free preparation of poultry. Some other accessories that come with Candy ovens include oven trays as well as oven grid. The external design features of the ovens are slick, modern, and mostly come with a stylish stainless steel finish that would suit any kitchen interior.

Most of the time, the ovens come with 1-3 years of warranty. Some very popular models from the brand are the Candy FC7D415NX Electric Double Oven and the Candy FST201/6X Electric Built-under Oven, both of which cost around BDT 35000.

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