Cougar Mouse Price in Bangladesh

Cougar is a gaming brand that initiated in 2008. Cougar is passionate about making gaming-oriented PC gear and peripherals to get people gaming without facing any hardware bottleneck or limitations. Cougar makes a variety of PC peripherals. The mouse is included in Cougar’s lineup of gaming gear that they offer. Cougar offers a ton of different mouse, with different appearances and features to appeal to different people. The company has categorized their offering of the mouse into four sections. The sections are customizable, ergonomic, ambidextrous, and stylish.

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Cougar Mouse Price List in Bangladesh

Latest Cougar Mouses Price in Bangladesh
Cougar REVENGER ST 2000 Taka
Cougar REVENGER 3300 Taka 
Cougar REVENGER S 3500 Taka
Cougar 700M 4500 Taka
Cougar MINOS 3300 Taka


Coming to their customizable section first, as the name suggests that are highly customizable in terms of their form factor. So that it can be suited for people with different sized hands. Their mouse comes with optical sensors with some models having sensors that can go up to 16,000DPI. These mouses also come with additional programmable buttons and RGB lighting. The customizable section features mice of their 700M lineup.
Their ergonomic section offers mouse that has a very ergonomic shape to them so that they can be comfortable to use for an extended period of time. These mouses are also come with additional browser buttons and also have RGB lighting. The ergonomic section features mouse minos, surpassion, revenger, and 500M lineups.
The ambidextrous section features mice that can be used with both hands so that both left and right-handed gamers can use these mice with ease. As of now, they don’t offer many ambidextrous mouse. The 450M is the only mouse featured in their ambidextrous section.
Their Stylish section features mouse that blend functionality and performance with style. These mouses not only perform great, but they also have unique looks that make them stand out in terms of appearance.
Cougar has a wide selection of gaming mice to choose from, and they offer a lot of variation in their mice so that their customers can choose what suit them the best.

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